Thursday, 27 August 2009

Calling all Poptropicans! Find this girl!

Nicky, Dawni's brother,(Poptropican Little Moon) made a really good friend in Big Nate island's multiplayer room. It was a girl called Incredible Lion. They had a great time, chatting and battling. Nicky(Little Moon) can almost call her his best buddy in Poptropica! But the computer hanged and Little Moon was forced to leave! Then he never saw that girl again!:`(

We hope that you can find her! If you ARE her, please write in the Cbox. If you know her, thank goodness, and please write in the Cbox!

This is the last photo taken of her(Incredible Lion), and that's the only one too. She may change her look, so we can't be sure if she looks exactly like that now. But her eyes and hair colour and mouth may be a clue. Once again, thanks ALOT for helping. Incredicle Lion, you are really INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! You are the kindest girl in Poptropica Little Moon have ever seen! Nicky(Little Moon)will never forget you!!! :)

Warning: Remember, there are more then one Poptropican called Incredible Lion. So remember, look for a girl, and the kind of eyes.

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