Sunday, 23 August 2009

All poptropicans

Here is a picture of all Poptropicans, and these are their names(in brackets)+descriptions:(You can vote for your favourite on the right after reading this)
1. Fancy Pants(Gentle Rock)
2. Young Warrior(Green Ice)
3. Rocker Girl(Invisible Ninja)
4. Detective spy agent(Lazy Flame)
5. Green Footballer(Golden Axe)
6. Dawni's brother,Nicky,a schoolboy(Little Moon)
7. Lazy Flame's twin sis(Shaggy Flame)
8. Incredible Purple Girl(Slippery Seal)
9. Spy Girl(Brave Bones)
10. Crooked Hooligan, Gracie's brother(Striped Boa)
11. Around-the-world girl(Tiny Burger)

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