Saturday, 18 July 2009

I Lurrve the FlashPad

Okkaaay Dawni went to Stanley wif her Mom and Sis, and they bought a FLASHPAD! It's like real cool. Dawni had always wanted one of those, after seeing it in her friend Angela's home. Actually she was planning to have it as her Christmas present, but her mom agreed to give it to her now. Yays, so she got lucky. Now she get beg for a digital watch at Christmas.

How to play Games- Free Me: Try avoiding bomb that is put randomly. If you press 15 buttons without touching the bomb, you win.

- Catch Me: Touch all the red lights in time and avoid green ones. If you pass all the levels, you win.

- Multiple Me: Press all the red lights ONLY, in time and altogether. If you pass all the levels, you win.

- Follow Me: Press the shape that is the same as the one in YELLOW light. If you pass all the levels, you win.

Dawni's Wins- Catch Me: 10, Free Me: Too many to count, Multiple Me: 2(but her foot helped), Follow Me: 0

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