Thursday, 30 July 2009

Brave Bones' Adventure

Brave Bones had an adventure that included 5 islands, all in one day! She earn 5 medallions and 500 Poptropica credits. See if you can reconize which picture is taken in which island! (She has 0 credicts now, since she bought the 'Phantom' card and the Multiverse Creator card.)

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Happy Bday to SC

Today, 27th of July, is Dawni's old toy's bday! Squeaky Cone's 9th bday! 'Tis a fourtypus, (an octopus, only with 4 arms)and it's fav food is cones! So the pressie to give him is...cones! Lots and lots!


Welcome to PlanetYinn! This is Dawni's very own planet, in Crazy Planets!
Oooh no!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dawni slept for 20 hours all at once

Dawni went to Christie and Abby's to sleepover but of course they didn't sleep, then she went to her class camp on July 20-21, and it was fun!
But she slept 20 whole hours all at once after that...
And there were Scary Stories!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Wand of Dianthus!

If you read the Magic Tree house books you must know what is the Wand of Dianthus. Well it's a wand shaped like a horn of a unicorn. Grace (Dawni's sis) found a miniature one at the beach! Rare! Their mom made it into a necklace! It's BEAUTIFUL!

I Lurrve the FlashPad

Okkaaay Dawni went to Stanley wif her Mom and Sis, and they bought a FLASHPAD! It's like real cool. Dawni had always wanted one of those, after seeing it in her friend Angela's home. Actually she was planning to have it as her Christmas present, but her mom agreed to give it to her now. Yays, so she got lucky. Now she get beg for a digital watch at Christmas.

How to play Games- Free Me: Try avoiding bomb that is put randomly. If you press 15 buttons without touching the bomb, you win.

- Catch Me: Touch all the red lights in time and avoid green ones. If you pass all the levels, you win.

- Multiple Me: Press all the red lights ONLY, in time and altogether. If you pass all the levels, you win.

- Follow Me: Press the shape that is the same as the one in YELLOW light. If you pass all the levels, you win.

Dawni's Wins- Catch Me: 10, Free Me: Too many to count, Multiple Me: 2(but her foot helped), Follow Me: 0

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A visit to Jane and Koman's

Dawni and Graci went to their ex-neighbours, Jany and Komy's place. It was a fun visit!Koman in the cat's cage(!!)
Jany, Graci, and Komy

Chester the cat`

Dawni, Jany, and Komy

Our name puzzle-keychains that fix together`

Monday, 13 July 2009


Dawni and Graci formed this Music Band. Dawni: Piano, Graci: Violin. But sometimes they change and Dawni plays the violn, Graci plays one-handed the piano.(!!) Their first piece was 'Twinkle twinkle little star'. Maybe they could get Christi to play the recorder and Abbi to play the drrum too! =]

Went shopping xdd

Dawni went shopping with Graci and their mum. They bought these tiny stuff:Dawni keychain
Smiley pens


The answer bubble of the Happy 8 Ball

Happy 8 Ball

Green Bangle

Friday, 10 July 2009


When Dawni's ex-neighbour Jane came to visit, Dawni and her made anklets.

Green-Jewel anklet

Blue-star anklet