Friday, 24 April 2009

Birthday Pressies

These are the pressies Dawni got her her birthday!=]A 'Mirror Block', from mum, My fave one! It allows you to change the shape of it when you scramble it... Cool!
Dawni unscrambed it!!

Cool 'Rainbow brush' from mum...

Dawni drew this with the 'Rainbow brush!'

Presents from C+A: Candle and Crystal maker.

Dawni gave Graci these: Colour wheel, paper weaved basket, card, grass grasshopper, friendship bracelet.(made herself!)
Graci gave Dawn: Green glasses, whistle, notebook, green heart pendant
Dad gave Dawn: Sketchbook, bead bracelets maker, book
Mom gave D+G: Skateboard!
Angela gave Dawni: Tissue holder, toy, pyjamas
Emily gave Dawni: pencil holder, Notebook
Natalie gave Dawni: Poo tissue holder

B'day stuff!

23rd, April, 2009, Dawni's birthday! Cutting cake! These are pictures of our Birthdays...
Bday party, Grace killed in 'Murderer'

Friendship bracelet


Um.. not ready




More friendship bracelets

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tiny Burger's tiny brother

Meet Tiny Cheetah, Tiny Burger's Brother! (He has a cat's nose)

Poptropica Dawni created

Dawn created the Costume Island. Play it here:

Monday, 13 April 2009


Gregory died this mornin'! He went all stiff. *sniff*.

Friday, 10 April 2009

People! People!

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An Unexpected Fish Delivery

Tonight, like, just now, Christi and Abbi knocked at Dawni's door and gave her family 4 more fishes!(Lucille:thhe small one with the BIG black eyes; Candice: The other small one; Jonathan: The Golden one; Arthur: The other Red-White one.) Thanks, Christi and Abbi! Best friends 4ever!


Check this out! Dawni's quiz to find out what kind of problem facer you are!

New fish

These are Dawni and Graci's new fish! (Clara:The red one with white spots; Fanny: the plain red one; Zoe: the big black one; Tiffany: the small black one; Gregory: the grey one.) Haha! Dawni sure hope that they won't die do fast this time!

Poptropica's latest news

Lazy Flame met some annoymous Copy-Cats! Luckily she beat them at Hoops!

Fun Wednesday

Happy Easter! It's the Easter Holidays now! Christi and Abbi went to Dawni's house. They needed baby-sitting. They had fun!! =D They drew, made cupcakes, sang, played duet with the recorder!(and more) These are the cupcakes they made:

Royal Garden

On Sunday, Dawni and her friends played 'Royal Family' in Tai Po, after failing many times flying a kite. Dawni: Maid, Graci: King, Christi: Queen, Abbi: Princess, Mum: Gardener. They played making a bed for Squeaky Cone and Happy. They also played throwing leaves in the air and barbequing leaves.Ha ha! Look at this:

Sammy's big challenge!

Dawni and Graci created an amazing ride for Sammy! Look:

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sad Story

Bad news:

Friday, 3 April 2009

April B'day

April is Party Time for Dawni and Graci!!!!!!! <3

Fishes, fishes

Hi! We are called Jenny and Kenny, Dawni and Graci's fish! *Splish* *Splosh*!