Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Incredible Storm...beaten?

Gentle Rock the Fancy Pants met this horrifying show-off girl, Incredible Storm. I. Storm challenged her at Sudoku. G. Rock doesn't want to boast, but she's ace at Sudoku, everyone knows that. So... guess who won! So there, haha. XD

Monday, 30 March 2009

Changing is Fashionable

Seems like Gentle Bones is always changing; like dying her hair, experimenting a new hair style, and changing her hat.


Meet this Fancy-Pants charming Poptropican girl, Gentle Bones.
This guy Rough Monster has good taste! Chatting her up?

This girl is a laughing sock!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Green Ice vs Gentle Rock

Green Ice played head-to-head Soupwords with Gentle Rock, and she won! Thx, Gentle Rock, it was a good game!

New friends

These are the newest Poptropicans I met:
Invisible Ninja
(Angela's)She is a good-looking schoolgirl

She discovered an incredible bursting crab!
This is Zany Fox, Lazy Flame's brother. He is actually called Zany Flame, but he changed his name.

Does our dear Zany want to become a policeman?

Poptropica's latest news

These are the latest news in Poptropica! (About poptropicans):

Meet Brave Bones, Prickly Rock's Twin sister! She is also a spy and is Spy's assistant too!

The only difference between her and Prickly Rock is that she has pointed teeth and Prickly Rock doesn't.

Meet Green Ice, a new character friend. (She is a warrior)

Brave Bones uses spy gear to become invisible to get away from bad guys!(She wants to get in the door, but the bad guys are guarding it. )

Golden Axe decides to try out some FaShIoNaBlE glasses!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Super Heroes Fly!

Look at these famous super heroes!
Slippery Seal

Strange Ice

Celebration for the 30th post!

Celebrate for the 30th post in Dawn's BLOG, people! =)

3D stuff

Using Google Sketchup 7, Dawni drew her name and room. (All in 3D)

Things going on in Poptropica

:> Our characters have discovered some interesting events in Poptropica. Let's see:
Tiny Burger meets a mummy. Scary! (Though she didn't look scared)

Can drinks really colour hair? Prickly Rock thought. She was very suspicious.

Lazy Flame played head-to-head hoops with Lone Bee. And Lazy Flame won! Thanks, Lone Bee!

Friday, 27 March 2009


:) Prickly Rock has always been training herself to be a spy. Now, she lives in Spy Island in Poptropica and is the Spy's Partner! Aren't they a right pair?

(Prickly Rock is the girl) <3

Trendy Poptropicans!

In Poptropica.com , you can create your own character. They can be very trendy! I picked out a few with different styles:Tiny Burger
(Grace's) An ordinary-looking yellow girl.
Slippery Seal
(Christie's) A purple super hero witha candy cane.
Lazy Flame
(Dawn's) A gothic girl with cool dark glasses
Golden Axe
(Abby's) A fairy godmother which is not really golden

Friday, 20 March 2009

Tai Tong Farm

These are pictures taken in Tai Tong Farm: