Sunday, 28 December 2008

Guess who???

Who is this mysterious snowboarder+skier???
It's Dawni of course. She went to Korea to ski+snowboard during the Christmas Hoiday!
Also thanks to Mr and Ms Kim who taught her how to ski, and Ms 오 who taught her how to snowboard.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

'Twas the Sleepover before Christmas

Dawni, Graci, Christi & Abbi had this fabulous sleepover before Christmas!
Except for 1 NOT fun thing: Dawni doesn't wanna mention it.
They performed a song using recorder the next morning before learning Taekwondo:

Xmas decorations

Look at these Christmas decorations at Dawni's house:
This is the door
This is above the bed
This is the Christmas tree

Christmas Gifts

These are flower pens Dawni made for her BFs(best fdz):

You can really write with these!!!Choose your favourite using the poll.

Merry Christmas!

To ye all:


Make a wish

And it will come true

just like that.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Dawni said that she doesn't want to boast about this... she just wanted to share it with u. She won 1st prize in freestyle 2 iceskating and 2nd in solo. Also 1st in Taekwondo(patterns>3<). Cool, eh?Dawni(left), Gracie(right) Blue=1st, red=2nd, Yellow=3rd, White=4th
Taekwondo 1st prize trophy. Gracie won one 'zactly the same too.

Winning 3 prizes in a row!

The last time Dawni went to Ocean Park with her best friends, she won 3 prizes in a row by shooting hoops and arrows! Here they are:Grassie(left), Cherry(middle), Greenie(right & was given to Christie)

Best friends

Hi! Meet Dawni's best friends! They are Christie, Abby and Grace(her sister).They certainly love to go to Ocean Park----with each other! Here are some photo of them together:

Having fun in Frog Jump. Grace(On yellow frog), Abby(On pink frog), Dawn(On green frog) and Christie(ON light blue frog)

Dawn(left), Grace(middle), Christie(right)