Saturday, 29 November 2008

Amazing Bed

Look at Dawni's bed! This is part of it. amazing! RAINBOW

Ooooh...Ancient stuffed toys

See! This is Dawni's stuffed toy. There's nothing to be afraid about having stuffed toys... that's no problem! Dawni loved this when she was little... and she still likes it NOW!

Dawni learns piano... this is Squeaky Cone
These r her sister's:
Dawni's only sister, Gracie(Grace) learns the violin! Woof Woof! This is Sami(left) and Bingo(right).

Dawni's profile

Welcome, check out dawni's info!
Name: Dawn X
Bday: Private
Address: Private
Fave color: green
Fave shape: Moon and star
BF(Best friends): Grace, Christie and Abby


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Hello! U can try this competiton! Print out the following picture and colour it in! Then send it to ! You may be one of the 3 winners and have a mysterious prize. Good Luck!!!!! =>3<

Welcome to Dawni's blog!

Hi there! welcome to Dawni's blog! Dawni is actually Dawn H.Y. Lau! (H.Y. stands for Hiu Yin) And she's the president of Cartoonclub! To find out more about Cartoonclub, go to: and . Press 'follow blog' to follow all adventures as Dawni does!
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