Sunday, 28 December 2008

Guess who???

Who is this mysterious snowboarder+skier???
It's Dawni of course. She went to Korea to ski+snowboard during the Christmas Hoiday!
Also thanks to Mr and Ms Kim who taught her how to ski, and Ms 오 who taught her how to snowboard.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

'Twas the Sleepover before Christmas

Dawni, Graci, Christi & Abbi had this fabulous sleepover before Christmas!
Except for 1 NOT fun thing: Dawni doesn't wanna mention it.
They performed a song using recorder the next morning before learning Taekwondo:

Xmas decorations

Look at these Christmas decorations at Dawni's house:
This is the door
This is above the bed
This is the Christmas tree

Christmas Gifts

These are flower pens Dawni made for her BFs(best fdz):

You can really write with these!!!Choose your favourite using the poll.

Merry Christmas!

To ye all:


Make a wish

And it will come true

just like that.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Dawni said that she doesn't want to boast about this... she just wanted to share it with u. She won 1st prize in freestyle 2 iceskating and 2nd in solo. Also 1st in Taekwondo(patterns>3<). Cool, eh?Dawni(left), Gracie(right) Blue=1st, red=2nd, Yellow=3rd, White=4th
Taekwondo 1st prize trophy. Gracie won one 'zactly the same too.

Winning 3 prizes in a row!

The last time Dawni went to Ocean Park with her best friends, she won 3 prizes in a row by shooting hoops and arrows! Here they are:Grassie(left), Cherry(middle), Greenie(right & was given to Christie)

Best friends

Hi! Meet Dawni's best friends! They are Christie, Abby and Grace(her sister).They certainly love to go to Ocean Park----with each other! Here are some photo of them together:

Having fun in Frog Jump. Grace(On yellow frog), Abby(On pink frog), Dawn(On green frog) and Christie(ON light blue frog)

Dawn(left), Grace(middle), Christie(right)

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Amazing Bed

Look at Dawni's bed! This is part of it. amazing! RAINBOW

Ooooh...Ancient stuffed toys

See! This is Dawni's stuffed toy. There's nothing to be afraid about having stuffed toys... that's no problem! Dawni loved this when she was little... and she still likes it NOW!

Dawni learns piano... this is Squeaky Cone
These r her sister's:
Dawni's only sister, Gracie(Grace) learns the violin! Woof Woof! This is Sami(left) and Bingo(right).

Dawni's profile

Welcome, check out dawni's info!
Name: Dawn X
Bday: Private
Address: Private
Fave color: green
Fave shape: Moon and star
BF(Best friends): Grace, Christie and Abby


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